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Education for the Professional and Aspiring Photographer

Monarch Photography, LLC is one of the few full-time award-winning husband and wife photography teams in Kentucky! The driving forces behind this success are the Co-Owners Rosemary and Jonathan. Both have worked hard to built a successful business and find their own creative voice in photography. Through this journey they have developed a great understanding of photography, post processing of images as well as running a successful photography business.

They have also found a love of educating other photographers in these areas and helping people follow their passion for photography. Whether it be a fellow professional photographer needing to enhance their skill set to grow or develop their business or a hobbyist who just wants to take better pictures of their family.



Contact Information:

Monarch Photography, LLC (Rosemary and Jonathan) can be reached at: 

Telephone: 502-641-0744 or 502-643-8280
E-mail: Info@Monarch-Photography.com

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